Building Your Web Site

You have clicked on the "contact" link in the left panel and sent me an email outlining what you want in regard to the content and functionality of your web. I have called you, we have discussed your requirements at length, and I have estimated the cost of the project. Now we start the design process.

All work is done on this site. The design and building of your site will proceed in three stages.

Stage One: Establish the overall layout of your site. Decide on the format and color scheme. If a database is required, determine the criteria and type of interface necessary.

Stage Two: Complete the site content. Test all interactive content.

Stage Three: Post the completed site. When the web is finished to your satisfaction, we will then post it to your web host's server. This eliminates those "under construction" pages which reflect poorly on both the site owner and site designer. Also, many search engines will not list sites which contain "under construction" pages.

You will be issued a password which will allow you to monitor the design work as it progresses. Your input is vital throughout the initial design process. I can't stress this enough. It is much easier to make changes during the initial design stage than to attempt corrections when the web is 80% finished.

For thirty days you will be able to suggest adjustments to the appearance and function of the site without incurring any maintenance fees. After the sixty day period, all maintenance work on existing pages will be billed at a flat rate of $40 per hour. New pages or database upgrades will be billed as indicated on the fees page.

Your web site is a dynamic entity. You will constantly be looking for ways to improve it's content and appearance. If your site includes a database and interactive forms, you will discover new possibilities in the site's functionality. Some clients require monthly updates and maintenance, some find they need quarterly attention. All sites need to be reviewed and "refreshed" periodically.